Industrial Cement Mixer

1. This product uses self-powered wheel walking, flexible, in the same industry took the lead in the use of truck chassis, the relevant parts of the use of famous products, stable quality, durable. 2. Advanced hydraulic system, in the same industry for the first time using the entire hydraulic system. 3. With independent quick-setting agent to add the system, the quick-setting agent into the quick-setting agent hopper, according to the actual amount of free to adjust. 4. Hopper automatic cutting process is the hopper discharge mouth directly under the shotcrete machine under the material cut, mixing without artificial process, compared with the previous artificial to improve the operator's working conditions, reduce labor intensity, saving Labor costs. 5. High operating efficiency. The product is equipped with large capacity hopper, combined with the mixer to achieve a comprehensive mechanical loading, while the use of strong and stable hydraulic system to control the mechanical cutting, in the cutting speed and cutting continuity with the artificial material by the impact of human function Improve the quality of the shotcrete, improve the efficiency of spraying and reduce energy consumption