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Common sense of repairing equipment for concrete mixing plant in large - scale mixing station

- Jun 19, 2017 -

Large-scale mixing plant concrete mixing plant in the production operations, assuming that there is no perfect principle of equipment handling, the usual maintenance is not in place may cause the equipment in the production process defects, affecting the progress of the project, so the equipment processing operations is very important.

1. After each production operation is completed, the necessary equipment should be carried out in time, including the remaining concrete inside the mixer, as well as the discharge port, stirring shaft, etc., with water to clean these local, if necessary, can be placed A small number of stones and water stirring a few minutes later release, you can reach a better cleaning effect.

2. Assuming that in the northern winter low temperature environment, the operation should be completed to put the pump, additive pump, water tank, additive pipe, etc. residual water to prevent damage to the pump and pipeline.

3. Prepare the principle of timely viewing, pleading to adhere to the regular fixed frequency filling lubricants, see the leaves, lining, stirring arm and other wearing parts of the wear and tear, if necessary, to replace. Time to check the circuit and gas equipment, do defective investigation, if any defects in a timely manner. There are also a variety of ancillary components such as electric systems, gear deceleration, cylinder, shaker, air compressor and other equipment should be timely repair and maintenance.

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