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How does the concrete mixer stir the arm?

- Jun 19, 2017 -

The concrete mixer agitator arm plays a very important role in the mixing of concrete and is used in conjunction with the stirring blade to achieve a good stirring effect. However, some users in the course of the use of concrete mixer stir bar has been bent, if not dealt with in time will affect the service life of the mixing arm and reduce the mixing efficiency.

To properly maintain the concrete mixing arm, it is necessary to know what causes the mixer stir arm bending, etc., the following analysis of the mixer mixing arm bending damage caused by the reasons:

1, due to the use of concrete mixer mixing process does not meet the specifications of the aggregate size, especially the stirring pebbles, because the pebble hardness greatly exceeded the ordinary city of mixed mixer mixing arm can break the hardness, so if stirring pebbles, then recommended Replace the whole set of mixing arm and leaves, etc., if the aggregate size is too large, it is recommended to reduce the particle diameter in use.

2, the mixer in the use of a period of time after the natural wear and tear, you need to directly replace the new mixing arm, the general innovation mixer life is 30,000 cubic meters.

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