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Mixing station operating system

- Jun 19, 2017 -

1, software landing and electronic scale adjustment requires a user password, effectively guarantee the safety of important production data.

2, the whole three-dimensional interface simulation simulation production conditions, real-time display of ingredients, weighing, error and other production data.

3, can be pre-arranged production orders and re-adjust the production sequence.

4, automatically based on batch production and mixing tank capacity automatically assigned single tank production.

5, the whole Chinese fast calibration and has a self-diagnosis and prompt function, to provide online use help.

6, automatically adjust the gap and has a trend to determine the function, negative automatic correction, zero automatic tracking, key peel and so on.

7, less automatic said complement, super said automatic deduction, a variety of materials measurement and discharge tolerance range are individually adjustable.

8, to provide aggregate moisture content correction window, easy to add sand to reduce water.

9, water metering can be suspended at any time and adjust the water formula.

10, to provide the invoice load function, the user needs to modify the office software can be completed in the form of the invoice design, load to the control system can be used.

11, the data management system to facilitate the user to query the production data, browse or output to the printer.

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