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Safety operation of concrete mixing station before operation:

- Jun 19, 2017 -

1, should be prepared according to the technical performance of mixing station qualified sand, stone, aggregate;

2, check the mixing barrel of the drive, sports parts, warehouse doors, Doumen and track whether the foreign body was stuck;

3, check the oil tank height of the oil tank is in line with the provisions;

4, open the valve exhaust gas water separator water, open the air cylinder discharge plugs to release oil and water mixture;

5, to enhance the bucket of the rope installed correctly, to enhance the bucket of the brake sensitive and effective;

6, the Department of bolts have been fastened, the inlet and discharge valve no limit wear, the belt tension is not moderate;

7, weighing device is normal, the accuracy of compliance;

8, the electrical device can effectively control the operation of the equipment.

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