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The following describes the three types of commonly used mixer:

- Jun 19, 2017 -

One, three leaf propulsion mixer

 The three-leaf propeller type is generally the three-leaf propeller type, which is the most typical axial manifold agitator with high drainage capacity and low shear performance because of its strong circulation ability, low power consumption, low viscosity, small volume mixing Stirring, the most able to reflect its advantages, so in the low viscosity of the liquid mixing, reaction, solid-liquid ratio of small suspension, dissolved and other processes widely used. Removable propeller blades are generally three, removable flexible, used in the need to split into small pieces of the occasion more convenient.

Second, oblique pulp pulp mixer

Oblique pulp can be divided into two kinds of integral slurry and removable slurry, generally two leaves 45 degrees angle form, play the role of axial shunt, radial diversion, mixing liquid flow than the straight slurry Leaves are complex, the discharge energy is higher than the straight type of pulp, the overall effect is better, such as the use of two or more layers, the effect is better. Easy to use in the process of easy disassembly, easy maintenance, the actual use of relatively high frequency.

Third, anchor, box type mixer

This type of mixer is generally used for slow large-scale mixing, commonly used rectangular box, right angle cone bottom frame, oval bottom frame, anchor, etc., for high viscosity liquid mixing, reaction and other processes, resulting in horizontal ring flow , Such as foliage or angle-type leaves, can increase the vortex near the blade, but also according to the need to add leaves and beams on the blade to increase the scope of mixing.

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