Cummins Engine Concrete Mixer

Cummins Engine Concrete Mixer

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This concrete mixer with Cummins engine, Cummins engine with Cummins patented PT fuel system, high injection pressure, to ensure good atomization of the engine, full combustion, while the engine installed efficient Holset exhaust turbocharger to ensure intake More fully, improve engine efficiency, further improve combustion, reduce engine fuel consumption, can further reduce the engine fuel consumption rate, to achieve energy-saving emission reduction purposes. Cummins Engine Concrete Mixer maximizes productivity and reduces production costs and time. A person, a truck, a project.

Cummins engine concrete mixer advantages

 Low cost

 Reduce shipping costs

 Reduce labor costs

 Maximize work efficiency

 High efficiency

Capacity: 14 cubic meters (18.3 cubic yards) / hour

    110 cubic meters per day (143.87 cubic yards)

    33000 cubic meters (43162.44 cubic yards) / year

Labor energy saving

 four-wheel drive, four-wheel steering

 Accurate electronic weighing system

 Mixing unit seams with hydraulic method of 270 degrees and discharges at high speed over 1.8m around the vehicle.

 load, weighing, pumping, mixing, emissions

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