Mobile Concrete Mixing Station

Mobile Concrete Mixing Station

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1. Brief introduction of EP3.5


Mobile concrete mixing station is an on-site construction vehicle that combine feature with concrete batch processing equipment, concrete transport and concrete mixing station. This cutting edge machine will lead the concrete industry in next decade.

Put cement, sand and gravel into the drum and let the mobile concrete mixing station do the rest.

A small concrete station can easily formed by 2 mobile concrete mixer, 1 cement tank and 1 water tank.

Ø Low upfront cost

Ø Reduce transportation cost

Ø Minimize labor cost

Ø Maximize job efficiency


2. Features and advantages of EP3.5


Mobile concrete mixing station feature combines self-loading, weighing, mixing and discharging. It can maximize and improve the job efficiency and reduce the production cost and time. One person, One truck, One project.



Ø High efficiency

Ø Capacity: 14m3 (18.3 cubic yards) /hour

110m3 (143.87 cubic yards)/day

33000m3 (43,162.44 cubic yards)/year


Ø Labor-saving

Ø 4 wheels driving, 4 wheels steering

Ø Accurate electric weighing system

Ø The mixing unit is sewing hydraulically through 270 degree for high discharge over 1.8m to the four sides of the vehicle.

Ø Loading, weighing, pumping, mixing, delivering and discharging.



图片1_副本.jpgMixing systemDrum capacity: 4.4m3
Discharging capacity:3.5m3/tank
Double helix, emergency unloading cover.
Reverse when unload.

Slew hydraulically through 270 degree for high discharge over

 1.8m to the four sides of the vehicle.

图片2_副本_副本.jpgCapacityCapacity: 4tanks/hr
图片3_副本.jpgDiesel engineWater cooling. 4-cylinder
Rotate speed: 2200r/min
Rated power: 82KW
图片4_副本.jpgTransmissionHydraulic 4 wheels drive, 4wheels steering
图片5_副本.jpgSpeedLow: 0-9km/hr
High: 0-20km/hr
图片6_副本.jpgHydraulic systemClosed system
Hydraulic driving pump
Hydraulic mixing pump
Hydraulic driving motor
Hydraulic mixing motor
图片7_副本.jpgLoader controlHydraulic 4 way stick
图片8_副本.jpgLoaderCapacity: 600L
Hydraulic valve
图片9_副本.jpgChuteAngle control
图片10_副本.jpgWater supplyHydraulic water pump,Washing nozzle.
图片11_副本.jpgBrakeHydraulic brake
Front and rear independent system
图片12_副本.jpgTireConstruction Machinery Tire 16/70-20
图片13_副本.jpgElectrical system24V
图片14_副本.jpgTankWater tank: 2x380L
Diesel tank: 150L
Hydraulic oil tank: 125L
DimensionLxWxH: 7.1x2.44x3.3m


WeighingComputer control.
Water litre-counter.
High accuracy.

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