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Environmentally Friendly Concrete Mixing Plant Equipment For The Final Treatment Of Dust Is Not To Make The Dust Can Be Discharged To The Standard And Recycling, In Order To Achieve This Goal, We Can Take Some Measures:

- Jun 19, 2017 -

1. The mixing host is completely closed. In the concrete mixing station equipment host closed packaging, the use of steel structure of the way the room, if necessary, will be set in the internal dust collector, the host mixing process is one of the main sources of dust, so the host closed treatment is necessary The

2. Aggregate silos are fully enclosed. Aggregate storage is another major source of dust generation for concrete mixing plants and should be sealed. Aggregate closed storage, there are two main ways: steel structure plant closed, steel warehouse storage.

3. Plant hygiene. In the concrete mixing plant equipment operation process, there will be a lot of vehicles out of the dust, soil, etc. will directly pollute the plant environment, so the factory should be done on the road sprinkler, cleaning and other work to prevent dry dusty weather dust phenomenon.

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