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Fault Analysis And Solution Of Aggregate Conveying System In Concrete Mixing Plant

- Jun 19, 2017 -

The aggregate conveying system is an indispensable part of the complete concrete mixing plant equipment. The normal operation of the aggregate conveying system is related to the overall production efficiency of the mixing station. Which mainly includes conveyor belt conveyor belt and conveyor belt and other accessories, if the aggregate transport system failure should be promptly resolved.

After the summary, after a long period of operation, the concrete mixing plant equipment aggregate conveyor system may have belt deviation, leakage material, slip and belt wear and so on. If the belt in the active roller deviation, mainly due to the direction of the vertical width of the belt is different or the active drum is not installed, according to the actual situation to adjust the parallelism and level. If the belt edge wear serious, should be timely repair or replacement.

If the belt machine to the side of the total deviation, it should be along the direction of the belt to adjust the direction of the deviation near the roller bracket, forward adjustment 1 to 2 cm, you can also run the appropriate height of the rack The If the belt is running in the same direction when the belt or left and right without a fixed direction deviation, mainly because the belt on both sides of the tightness or belt installation is too loose, just adjust the belt tension mechanism can be.

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