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How Does The Maintenance Work Of The Equipment Mixing System Of The Concrete Mixing Plant Be Carried Out?

- Jun 19, 2017 -

In addition to the mixing system and the controllable system, the batching system also plays a key role in the equipment of the concrete mixing plant. The batching accuracy of the batching system determines the quality of the output concrete, and the working efficiency of the batching system is also the same for the whole concrete The production efficiency of the mixing station has an impact, so it is necessary to maintain the batching system of the concrete mixing station equipment regularly.

Maintenance equipment for the mixing station equipment maintenance, the first part is the aggregate aggregate warehouse. According to the actual production situation, the monthly inspection of the liner and the pressure plate bolts wear, if damaged in a timely manner to replace. Weekly check the aggregate on all the sensors on the seat nut nuts loose, if loose and timely locking. Before each class begins, check that the discharge door cylinder is open and closed properly.

And then the maintenance of the belt machine, before running should check the amount of oil within the electric roller, the amount of oil to the drum radius of 2/3 is appropriate. After the first work of the drum 300h to be replaced within the cylinder lubricants. After every 5000h oil change once, it is recommended to use the standard for the L-CKC68 industrial closed gear oil.

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