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Mixer Type:

- Jun 19, 2017 -

The different types of mixers are mainly dependent on the different forms of mixing blades. The commonly used mixers are generally propellant (propeller blades), and there are other types such as oblique type, frame type, anchor type, turbine type, screw type and other Form of the mixer. Generally the previous three commonly used.

Propellant, oblique type mixing is generally used for small fluid rapid mixing, commonly used for the general 3-leaf spiral propulsion, 2 leaves oblique type, the number of leaves can be 2 leaves, 3 leaves, 4 leaves or leaves, As a layer, can also be two or more layers.

Box-type mixing is generally used for large-scale slow mixing of the fluid, usually for the right-angle square mixing box, there are also arc box or frame type, according to the need can also have a multi-frame combination. Anchors are part of the box-type mixing, in the food processing and chemical mixing in a wider range of applications.

Turbine mixing form is more diverse, mainly in order to strengthen the fluid shear and circulation capacity, mainly divided into open turbine and disk turbine type, the specific form of paddle according to the different needs of mixing more diverse, in this one is not one listed.

Mixing shaft and impeller material is generally A3 steel, 304 stainless steel or 316 stainless steel, can also be based on different corrosion needs in the shaft and paddle surface lining a variety of anti-corrosion materials, such as lined glass, rubber, lined with plastic and so on.

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