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Reducer Use And Maintenance

- Jun 19, 2017 -

1, reducer allows the use of continuous work in the occasion, and allows positive and negative direction of operation;

2, the input speed of the reducer input speed is generally 1500 r / min, the power is greater than 18.5KW, the proposed use of 1000 r / min input. Double-shaft reducer input speed should not exceed 1500 r / min;

3, the reducer output shaft can not withstand the larger axial and radial force, install the connection equipment (such as coupling) should pay attention to the point;

4, reducer under normal circumstances, small models generally take grease lubrication, grease lubrication when the factory has been completed; larger models generally take mechanical oil lubrication, generally 40 mechanical oil, other circumstances (such as the ambient temperature is high temperature , Low temperature, etc.) may consider other suitable lubricants, refueling position is generally maintained to the middle of the mirror can be, if the conditions are poor, the ambient temperature is higher, the work intensity is large, should be used to lubricate;

5, if the machine is grease lubrication, in the use of 3 to 6 months after the replacement or add new grease; if the mechanical oil lubrication, 500 hours after the first operation should be replaced with new oil (and internal sewage rinse clean) After each use of 3 to 6 months after the replacement or add new oil (depending on the specific strength).

6, the level of the installation of the reducer, in the tilt, the maximum inclination should generally be less than 15 °, in more than 15 ° should take other measures to lubricate full; vertical installation of the reducer, the use of mechanical oil lubrication, Enough oil level, or use the cycle of lubrication, so as not to burn the oil in the high input.

7, regardless of the level or vertical installation, must ensure that the installation of the foundation of the formation and firmness, to ensure that the machine spindle and link equipment concentricity.

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