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Selection Notes:

- Jun 19, 2017 -

For the purpose of mixing, bucket shape, speed, viscosity and other conditions, the machine selection, mixing blade in the form of different selection, different fluid, different mixing volume, need to configure the mixing shaft diameter, shaft Long, impeller diameter, speed, viscosity changes during mixing and so on are factors to consider. Here are some common selection criteria for reference:

1. Mixer impeller selection form, diameter.

2. The number of layers of the impeller impeller and the height of the installation.

3. Speed of the mixer impeller.

4. The size of the stirring tank, such as shape, internal volume and so on.

 5. Mixer working environment and work intensity.

★ Shaft material for the SUS304-based, other special materials or anti-acid-based lining coating, please remind us.

★ motor for special protection, such as outside the house, explosion, etc., please prompt, and inform the required level.

★ high speed or large capacity of the mixing operation, the bottom of the shaft or the middle should be installed positioning device to reduce the shaft due to rock caused by the failure rate.

★ If the fluid medium viscosity or consistency is high, it is recommended to consult our engineers.

★ If there is high temperature and high pressure explosive flammable and corrosive and other environmental conditions, must be clearly provided with accurate parameters, in order to choose another custom.

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