Small Mobile Concrete Mixing Truck

Stirring: Aggregate and cement After entering the agitator cylinder, the mixture can be perfectly blended by the automatic pressurized water flow in the double bucket. Unique double snail to ensure the quality of mixing and concrete quality, with electronic weighing system. Shipping: four-wheel drive chassis, full hydraulic drive, perfect to adapt to a variety of complex terrain, full load can be on the 30 ° slope. Discharge: The operator uses the operating lever through the 270 ° rotary mixing bucket, pouring concrete at a height of 2m around the vehicle. Operation: Equipped with a fully equipped cab, equipped with a ergonomic design of the pilot operating rod, the driver through a handle can control all the major operations. Safety: equipped with anti-roll - anti-fall protection system, so that equipment in harsh environments for the driver to improve the comprehensive protection.